Ovation Blue Short Fixed Walker

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The Ovation Short Fixed Walker Boot is an ultra-low profile walker that provides higher manoeuvrability and stability through its intuitive natural gait. The ergonomic frame of the Ovation Walker follows the contours of the foot and ankle yet offers additional space around the heel for predictable patient swelling. The Ovation wide platform offers stability in every environment and offers an edgeless sole that automatically adjusts to the patient’s ever changing gait throughout the healing process.

    • Ultra-Low Profile.

      Rounded sole for stability.

      Unique pre-contoured calf, malleolar and heel relief areas.

      Allows manoeuvrability in any environment.

    • Metatarsal fracture.

      Stress and stable fracture of the foot.

      Bunionectomy, hallux valgus.

      Soft tissue injury.

      Severe ankle sprain.

    • Size Colour Code
      Medium Blue 5
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