Purple Fibreglass Casting Tape - SALE



•  Lightweight but strong - excellent strength to weight ratio. •  Can be used by vets and farriers
•  Air permeability - allows evaporation of moisture. •  Used in arts & crafts
•  Short application time. •  Next Day Delivery Available
•  Perfect for Orthopaedic and trauma conditions. • 



BeneCast Fibreglass Casting Tape is a synthetic casting tape that combines a Fibreglass substrate and advanced water activated polyurethane resin system, giving tack-free lamination. BeneCast Fibreglass has a very smooth surface and high lamination to ensure a strong finished cast. The air permeability properties allow moisture to evaporate from the skin to reduce irritation.

BeneCast Fibreglass Casting Tape is also used to bandage damaged horse hooves as well as animal breakages and fractures.

As with all our Casting Tapes, BeneCast Fibreglass can also be used for Arts and Crafts purposes. (10 Rolls Per Box)

Our Purple Fibreglass is currently on sale for a limited whilst stock lasts.  Need a different colour or size... then see our main Fibreglass listing here.

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