10 Best Blogs to Start Reading for Running Inspiration

From 5Ks to relays to marathons, the world seems to have gone crazy for running!

Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned runner, you know that there’s no shortage of running blogs on the internet, all aiming to motivate and inspire fitness fanatics everywhere. Below, we’ve highlighted 10 of our favourites that we think are worth reading for the ins and outs of running, and the inspiration to keep you motivated, and challenged to run the extra mile!


The Runner Beans

The Runner Beans was created in 2011 by Charlie Watson – a Dietetics student, runner, and all-round fitness junkie from London – to document her first ever marathon. Fast-forward to the present, Charlie now writes about all things running and shares her workout and training tips on her blog, which has become the go-to source of motivation for anyone looking to start running and get into healthy-living.



Helen Tamblyn (aka HelsBels) is a keen runner and lover of cake and bowling who blogs about training tips for races, where to watch the London marathon with children, and generally how to get your head in the game. Helen is also the admin behind the UK Fitness Bloggers group on Facebook, an online community for fitness bloggers from all over the country to network, and share their fitness tips and experiences.


Lazy Girl Running

Laura Fountain, the face behind Lazy Girl Running, discovered her love of running when she turned 30, and has since made it her full-time job.

As a UK Athletics coach, a personal trainer, a published author, a freelance journalist, and a blogger, Laura is no stranger to the press – having been featured in magazines like Glamour and Runner’s World. Check out Laura’s blog for advice for the first-time runner, tips on how to run a marathon, and details about her various running groups around Finsbury Park and Hampstead Heath.


The PhD Runner

Emma Neachell of The PhD Runner is a self-confessed injury-prone runner and running blogger, with (if you hadn’t guessed) a PhD under her belt. On her blog, Emma writes about fitness and food, and shares her opinion on races and running gear. Take a look at her blog, and you can expect to read about anything from the debate around plastic medals to the benefits of having an online running community.


Veggie Runners

Veggie Runners is an award-winning lifestyle, health, food, and fitness blog written by the dynamic mother-and-daughter duo Jayne and Bibi Rodgers. In addition to tons and tons of useful tips for running, their blog is also packed full of veggie recipes and playlists to keep you going – we’re sure that you will find all the running inspiration you could need to get out there and pound the pavement.


A Healthier Moo

Aren’t sure on how you can fit running around life and parenthood? All you need is a dose of A Healthier Moo, a personal blog by Mary Pearson, an ICT teacher and – you guessed it! – lover of running. The blog was originally created as a way for Mary to document her weight-loss journey and meet new people. Nowadays, it serves as a platform for her to share her passion for running and to encourage others to get up and give it a go.


The Fat Girl’s Guide to Running

The Fat Girl’s Guide to Running is Julie Creffield’s answer to anyone who thinks they’re ‘too fat to run’. The blog was created for Julie to keep her accountable to her friends and family as she trained for her very first marathon back in 2010. Now it’s a support network to runners – no matter what size they are – who want to get out there and start moving.


Even if you’re not a fan of running, we think it’s well worth having a read just for the inspiring stories!



LIVELYEL is a blog by Elin Yapp, who sets out to inspire others to discover their love of running and exercise. On her blog, Elin writes about everything fitness, food, and lifestyle. She also shares her workout calendar so you can have a closer look at how she fits exercise into her schedule. On top of that, she also blogs about how to stay motivated and reviews of races she’s participated in.


Dreaming of Footpaths

The lady behind Dreaming of Footpaths, Sarah Booker was once the ‘fat friend’ until she decided to do something about it. Sarah takes a refreshingly light-hearted yet brutally honest approach to blogging, sharing amusing insight into her running adventures; and she never fails to see the funny side of things – even when she has a ‘bad’ race, there’s always a laugh a minute on Dreaming of Footpaths!


Running Physio

As you might have guessed from the name of his blog, Running Physio is written by a physiotherapist and keen runner. Tom Goom – whose work has been featured in Running Fitness, Men’s Running UK, and the British Journal of Sports Medicine blog, to name a few – started Running Physio in 2012 to help those training for marathons manage their running injuries.


With over 10 years of experience as a physiotherapist in the UK and overseas, we’re sure you’ll find some useful tips and tricks, and helpful resources related to training and injury recovery on his blog.


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