Premier League 2015/16 - The Big Kick Off

August 06, 2015

Barclays Premier League 2015 -2016

Its been a long, frustrating summer but the new Barclays Premier League 2015 - 2016 season is here... and all of us (well most of us) in the BeneCare office can't wait!  Its going to be fascinating to see who can challenge last seasons champions Chelsea, with Manchester United, City, Arsenal and Liverpool all investing heavily in their squads!

From our point of view, its again going to be interesting to see what role and impact injuries have on the results... for instance did you know that Manchester United clocked the most in 2014/2015 with a massive 39 injuries?  Would they have finished higher in the league with less injuries?

With the weekend only a few days away, will players like Chelsea's Diego Costa (hamstring injury), United's Javier Hernandez (broken collar bone), Tottenham Hotspurs Hugo Lloris (broken wrist - scaphoid) and Everton's John Stone (ankle/foot) recover in time for the big kick off?

We can't wait!

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