BeneCare on the Big Screen

It’s not just breaks and aches that we help with, we also give Hollywood a helping hand with making their big, glamorous productions look more realistic than ever. Here’s a few secret (and some not so secret) blockbusters we’ve been involved with.



Our cotton crepe bandage has been shipped all the way to Los Angeles and had a good look at the famous Hollywood sign, as it found its way onto the set of DC Universe Comics TV show Titans. The costume designer has been using these bandages to make a costume for one of the superhero characters. Unfortunately, we’re not allowed to tell you which character the bandages will be appearing on, but, if our bandages are anything to go by, we reckon they’re going to be strong, durable, and protective!

The very same costume designer has become a close friend to BeneCare, as they’ve used us on a number of projects. Some of their big blockbuster titles include Jumanji and School of Rock – it’s a shame Jack Black was more into bands than bandages...


Killing Eve

The second series of BBC hit drama series, Killing Eve, is already in production, and we’re super proud to say that we’re involved too! Products such as our casting tape, our undercast padding, and our cotton ribbed stockinettes have all been sent off to Twickenham Studios.

You may have thought that after Sandra Oh’s success on Grey’s Anatomy, Seattle Grace Hospital may have sent a few supplies over, but it’s not just supplies they wanted – they wanted a step-by-step guide too. The customer from Killing Eve asked how to cast an arm to make sure it looked as professional and real as possible. Watch this space – someone in Killing Eve 2 will have a cast, but not just any cast, a BeneCare arm cast!



Over the years the BBC have placed many orders with BeneCare for supplies, props, and guides on how to use products. Hit medical drama Casualty has featured our cotton ribbed stockinettes in the past, but the one we’re most excited about is our appearance in Eastenders.

Tough guy Phil Mitchell can be seen on screen with his arm and leg in cast using our advanced casting tape. The casting tape comes in a variety of colours: blue, red, green, black, purple, pink, and white.

The casting tape also joined CBeebies presenter Maddie, and was featured on the programme Do You Know?, which shows the little ones how all sorts of things work. You can take a look at Maddie and the casting tape in action here.

Real life medical show Trauma Doctors can be seen using pre-cut moulded splints during the show in series 3 to help a patient with a broken forearm. The episode shows paramedics tending to a critically injured patient and using BeneCare products to save the day.  


Checkmate Productions

Nothing beats getting a phone call from a well-known costume designer, right? Based in London, Vincent Dumas and Checkmate Productions ordered the knee brace deluxe, which assists in rehabilitation for a variety of post-ops and sporting injuries.

Dumas is currently working on the film Born A King and a new TV series The Terror, so we’re keeping our BeneCare eyes peeled to get a look at the knee brace deluxe in action!

Whether you’re looking for big screen props, products for real life injuries, or tips on how to fit casts, then you know where to go to get all of your medical product needs. If you’re after any specific products or need a little helping hand, you can contact us on Facebook and Twitter – hopefully we’ll be seeing you on the big screen too!  

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