BeneNews: Products to Support Little Limbs

October 25, 2018

BeneNews: Products to Support Little Limbs

BeneKidz products are here to provide support, care, and comfort for all the little ones. Whether they’ve fallen off their bike or pulled a muscle having a kickabout, there’s a product for all little limb injuries.


Wrist and Hand Supports

BeneKidz products are designed to fit the little ones comfortably and offer them the utmost protection and care. Their little limbs aren’t as strong as those of adults, so it’s important to make sure their recovery period is the most supportive it can be.

The materials are made with comfort in mind – there’s no need to worry about itchy fabrics as we use ultra-soft Neoprene. BeneKidz wrist and hand supports are available in black and beige, but feel free to give the little ones free reign when it comes to decorating. Colourful stickers are always a hit!

BeneKidz products are designed specifically for their size, to keep little limbs comfortable and supported at all times. Make use of the products’ adjustable straps for a custom fit.

Our wrist and hand supports help with injuries such as ligament sprains, strains, heavy bruising, synovitis, rheumatoid, and osteoarthritis. You can view the full range of BeneKidz wrist and hand products here.


Leg and Foot Supports

All leg and foot supports are made out of lightweight material to help the little ones stay active without straining their legs. The materials are extremely durable, so no matter what the kids get up to, the supports will be able to withstand it.

We know how important it is to keep kids moving and how active they like to be, which is why our BeneKidz products contain soft, padded foam to keep their legs or feet comfortable whilst they’re out and about. The sole of the the shoe products are layered with shock absorbers, which add protection from any slips and trips.

As with the wrist and hand supports, all our leg and foot products come with adjustable straps to ensure the perfect fit is met. Specifically in the walker boot, the heel design is ultra-low to eliminate height differences and to allow for natural leg movements. 

The leg and foot supports help with injuries such as fracture of fibula, calcaneus, and malleolus. They also help with the recovery of post-ligament, soft tissue, and tendon surgery. You can view the full range of BeneKidz leg and foot supports here.

We know it’s hard to keep the little ones on rest duty, but with specifically made BeneKidz products, you can ensure that they’ll be safe, protected, and comfortable whilst staying active. Whether their recovery journey is long or short, we have something to support all little limbs and keep the future generation fit and healthy.

If you have any questions, you can contact us on 0161 273 1166, or email us at, or join a live chat with our advisors for advice on our products.

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