Ryder Cup Preview:

September 29, 2016


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Can Europe do it again for the 4th consecutive time? The European team have faced numerous challenges over the 18th months but as they make their final preparations the Europeans are sure to focus on their target ahead of the first tee.

 European Ryder Cup Captian Darren Clarke has continued with his usual approach to practice pairings, sending out two rookies accompanied by the more experienced players. Hazeltine will be a challenging course for the Europeans with the majority of the American Team ranking higher in Minneapolis. The Europeans will be looking at Rory Mcilroy to help them through the tournament as the Northern Irishman leads rankings at Hazeltine. The competition wouldn’t be the same without its fair share of controversy in the run up, here’s what’s been happening on the injury side.

Brooks Koepka, the only rookie in the American Team this year will want to make a strong impression as he missed the British Open with an ankle injury. The torn ligament in Koepka’s right ankle required additional rehabilitation. The Floridian has been in good form and looks strong ahead of the first tee.

Henrik Stenson has missed out on an American Team place due to a knee injury despite recently claiming he could play through the pain barrier in for the Ryder Cup. The 40-year-old Swede underwent an MRI scan to assess the damage and revealed he had suffered a tear to the meniscus the same one Stenson teared back in December.

Jason Day will also be side-lined with Stenson however Day is likely to be considerably more disappointed to be missing out and feels he will never play in the Ryder Cup although still peruses the opportunity of playing for the U.S. Day’s ongoing back injury has controlled him in previous tournaments but will inevitably look to tackle this injury and fulfil his aspirations of playing for the American Team.

Finally, Tiger Woods makes an appearance as the U.S. vice-captain, Woods has missed the past three Ryder Cups mainly due to injury but the Californian has the opportunity to raise the ante this year and will be confident looking at the American Team.

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