The best way to Survive Christmas!


With the holidays just around the corner, everyone should take extra caution, to stay safe, injury-free and happy this Christmas. It’s the holiday season – the time of year where families and friends get together to share meals and presents — along with stress, indigestion and some injuries.

As much as we love this celebration, it can also be a tense time on the body and spine in many ways.

Christmas is one of those times when it’s generally acceptable to climb on your roof, hang over the edge to put up the Christmas lights, put giant trees… Any of these things can end in a trip to the hospital for sprains, strains or back pain.

Here are some tips to reduce Christmas pain:

  • Do your Christmas shopping in stages- carrying heavy bags will put extra strain onto muscles, joints and ligaments
  • When writing your cards and wrapping your presents remember a good posture. Siting for prolonged period of time may lead to an episode of back pain.
  • Avoid icy areas- Wear sensible shoes to avoid sprains or strains.
  • Get some help putting your tree up; awkward stretching positions can make the joints in our back vulnerable to injury.
  • Rest well- If you don’t want to be the Grinch on Christmas day, it is important to sleep well. Drinking, the stress and changing time zones are the best receipt for sleep disasters, try to avoid them.

And most importantly, have a happy, healthy festive season!

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