Our guide to Surviving Summer

Our guide to Surviving Summer

 Benecare's health guide to surviving summer

Most of us enjoy the Summer, because of the better weather and longer days, and of course it's a popular time for holidays, days out, sports and activities.  But all of this activity can mean, that it’s a time of heat exhaustion, sunburn,  sports and travel related injuries.  Read the Benecare guide below to help you and your family survive and enjoy your summer!

Summer Sports (& Injuries)

Popular summer sports include: football, basketball and water polo can cause lot of injuries, and it can happen to anyone. The majority of us will have experienced minor injuries at some point, such a pulled muscle or an ankle sprain. Rest and ice may be enough treatment for them. Faulty equipment, improper warming up, or not trying to increase your activity too quickly are the basics to avoid converting any minor injury into a trauma, but when in doubt, see your doctor.

Heat Stroke

Summer is the best time for being active, even here in the UK can get very humid and hot in the summer. Make sure to take precautions if you decide to spend a day outside. If the temperature reaches more than 27 ºC, don’t forget to drink lots of water, don’t exercise during the hottest times of the day and wear light-colored breathable clothes. Drink plenty of fluids before, during and after your daily activities. And remember, sometimes it doesn’t matter how hot it is, prevention is better then to cure.


There are so many ways to enjoy the time outside, but it’s even more important to find the right way of doing it. Families and children tend to spend more time outside, and it’s really easy for them to start suffering some dehydration symptoms. To avoid them it’s recommendable to drink about 6 ounces of water before they even go out, or drinking it every 20 minutes. Experts suggest that water is not the only solution: watermelon, grapes and oranges contains a lot of water and they also provide energy.


Nice weather and holidays are the best combination to run away for a couple of days, whether you’re traveling by plane or car, over-stuffed bags, or careless lifting can turn your dream holidays into a nightmare. Your shoulder is the body’s most injured joint. Repeating the same movements, and carrying heavy bags won’t help. If you feel any pain after any activity don’t ignore it, it just may make things worst. Don’t forget that, travelling with children can also be a challenge… issues such as travel sickness and keeping them occupied can be a struggle.  We suggest letting them burn off their energy before you travel and make sure you have activities to keep them busy.  The most important thing is to enjoy your holiday when you get there!

Music Festival

Glastonbury festival is one of the most famous in the country and over the world, millions of people attend music festivals every year expecting to have a great time. Physiotherapist says walking through mud can be like walking through glue”. Mud is the biggest enemy for twisted and sprained ankles, and unfortunately in the UK, we don’t always have nice weather, so make sure that you’re shoes are appropriate.  If you need any help or support don’t hesitate to contact the festival medical services.  Remember to apply sun tan lotion, not to drink too much alcohol but drink plenty of water… and don’t forget to enjoy yourself!

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