The Premier League Returns!

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The premier league is here!  Which for lots of us will mean long weekends in front of the TV... we can't wait!

The 2017-18 Premier League will be the 26th season of the Premier League, which started in 1992. This season kicks off on Friday with Arsenal v Leicester.

Chelsea, the champions will be looking to defend their title but you can expect Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool and Arsenal, having spent big in the transfer market to challenge them.

Every season, injuries play a big part and already pre-season has seen some casualties with players like Adam Lallana, Alexis Sanchez and Benjamin Mendy all expected to miss the start of the season.

Do you know which are the most common football injuries?

  • Hamstring strain: It’s one of the most popular injuries in football, it generally occurs because the hamstring muscle extends over both the hip and knee joints. A hamstring contraction can damage joint movement of both (knee and hip). A strain is denoted as a tear in a muscle, depending on its gravity, it is classified as a first, second or third degree strain.
  • Sprained Ankle: It refers to soft tissue damage (mainly ligaments) around the ankle, usually caused when the ankle is twisted inwards.
  • Knee Cartilage tear: A bad tackle or a bad fall are some of the reasons why footballers are prone to this injury.
  • Hernia: The most common hernia between football players is known as “the sport hernia”. If you feel that your groin is stiff and sore, and you have difficulties to move normally you may consult a hernia specialist. Sometimes it requires some weeks before the right diagnosis is made.
  • Anterior cruciate ligament (ALC): The ACL can be injured in different ways. An orthopaedic consultant may be the best person to contact in case of injury. The most effective treatment would be Protection, rest, ice, compression and elevation.

Have You Entered Our Premier League Competition?

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