UEFA WOMEN’S EURO 2017- The Netherlands

July 20, 2017



 It is only four years since the previous Women’s Euros ended with Germany as champions. This year, 16 teams have participated, up from 12 in 2013.  The president Aleksander Ceferin said that being this the 12th edition these new teams are adding an extra dimension.  

There are 4 groups:

Group A: Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Norway

Group B: Germany, Sweden, Russia, Italy,

Group C: France, Iceland, Austria, Switzerland

Group D: England, Scotland, Spain, Portugal

The game started last 16 of July. The group stage ends in a week from today, and two days later the knockout stage commences with the quarter-finals. The final is on 6 of August.

The tournament’s mission

Benecare reminds you  UEFA’s mission; to make football the number one sport women’s participation across Europe within five years. The focus is on increasing participation and will be built around a campaign called ‘Together #WEPlayStrong’.

It focuses on three key pillars: skill, togetherness and positive attitude. At Benecare  we also believe in working as a team to achieve our goals. This togetherness enables us to push boundaries and to challenge ourselves daily.

Anything else to know?

During the tournament, UEFA- in collaboration with social responsibility partners the World Heart Federation  and Hartstichting in the Netherlands-  is promoting 'healthy hearts', with the goal of increasing awareness  of the importance of sport and encouraging children, women and fans in general to be more active in their lives.

We hope that this tournament will be getting bigger within the next years.  But having a healthy life, doing some sport and eating healthy should be a must, for participants, women and fans.

‘Together #WEPlayStrong’.


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