Wimbledon is here, are you ready?

benecare guide to tennis injuries

Wimbledon; a place that likes its history and ceremony.  What started with eight players, is today one of the most famous tennis tournaments. Incredible moments, games and feelings have made this tournament special for all tennis fans. It makes Wimbledon shine out from the other tournaments.

 Every year we have a champion, someone who debuts on the court. But what about the ones who cannot play because they are suffering an injury?  Rafael Nadal and Jose Maria Del Potro, are some of the cases in the last years.  Both players have shown tremendous perseverance to get back to the court.

As you can see, also champions fight against hard times.  So remember, if you are suffering or recovering from injury, the important thing is to not rush your recovery and to follow medical advice so your injury doesn’t turn into a chronic one.

 anyone for tennis competition

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