First Aid Supplies: Bandages

Injuries happen and you should have first-aid supplies readily available at all times – that’s why you need to take a look at our collection of first-aid bandages.

Bandages are essential for every first-aid kit. They’re also among some of the most useful items for any first-aider, with potential applications in the majority of everyday accidents and injuries. At BeneCare Direct, we offer a comprehensive range of first-aid bandages to make sure that you are always prepared. Our range includes…

  • Cotton-crepe bandages
  • Cotton-ribbed stockinettes
  • Water-repellent stockinettes

… All of which have been designed for first-aid applications.


Why Do You Need First-Aid Bandages?

First-aid bandages can be used to provide compression and support to wounded areas, to secure dressings, as a tourniquet, and anything in between.

There may be times where you need to be the first responder and take care of minor injuries at home or in the workplace – whether they’re cuts, bruises, or general strains and sprains. Have no fear: we have everything you need to apply quick and efficient treatment for specific injuries, whatever the emergency.