Splinting Materials

Splinting supplies are used to apply healing splints to enable partial or total immobilisation of an injured hand, wrist, elbow, foot, ankle, or knee. Whatever your splinting needs, you can find the splinting materials that meet the requirements of the professionals and that will help you get the job done.

We have a wide range of splinting materials for creating splints, giving you the perfect fit. Our selection includes…

  • Cork splints
  • Neoprene sheets
  • Pre-cut moulded splints
  • Splint on a roll

More About Our Splinting Products

The products listed above, along with our casting materials and thermoplastics, can be used to make effective splints and supports to help fractured and dislocated bones.

An effective splint – using the right products – is paramount in providing substantial pain-relief and preventing further injury. That’s why all our splinting materials are developed and produced to high standards in order to make sure that they are fit for their purposes and, above all, suit your needs.