First Aid Supplies: Swabs

Non-woven first-aid swabs are commonly used for cleaning a wound prior to dressing – unlike traditional gauze swabs, they release significantly less fibre and the soft fibre structure offers much better cleansing performance. In addition, they can also be used to prevent the wound from dryness, as well as to cushion and protect wounds.


Why Choose BeneCare First-Aid Swabs?

Our first-aid swabs are made from top-grade aperture fabrics, giving them an extremely soft and gentle feel, yet they are strong and durable when wet. The close-knit fabric also provides excellent wound release without snagging on sutures or wound debris.

The soft, close-fibre construction provides efficient wet friction, proving ideal for debriding and cleansing of surface wounds. Finally, our (virtually) lint-free swabs provide high-level conformability and thermal insulation, making them the perfect solution for both wound-cleaning and -dressing.

Browse our selection of non-woven swabs below, available in both sterile and non-sterile versions.