First Aid Supplies: Tapes

Adhesive tapes are generally meant for holding dressings in places, but different tapes have different uses.

At BeneCare Direct, we have an expanding range of sports first-aid tapes, including our pre-tapes, which have been designed to be versatile and water-resistant and allow your skin to breathe – they’re particularly handy when used with other tapes and bandages.

Why Do You Need First-Aid Tapes?

Whether you’re looking to prevent injury or are recovering from an injury, adhesive tape is an essential staple in any first-aid kit. First-aid tapes are commonly used to assist with the healing of injuries, apply extra pressure to bleeding wounds, secure edges of specialist dressings, and to assist with pain relief and muscle support.

Ideally, they are breathable and permeable to air and water, which will make stabilising and supporting injuries much easier.

*Stay tuned, because we’re going to be adding more tapes to our range very soon!*