Thermoplastic Splinting Materials & Accessories

A thermoplastic splint is applied to immobilise, protect, and support injuries such as fractures, sprains, and strains. These splints are different from traditional plaster casts – they are lighter and more easily moulded to fit the body of the injured individual, and can be removed for cleaning and bathing.

Whether you need perforated, smooth, responsive, or precut splinting materials, we have you covered! Our BenePlas range of low-temperature thermoplastic splinting materials and accessories includes… 

  • Thermoplastic splints
  • Thermo pellets
  • Therapy packs, including a nine-litre splint bath, a pair of scissors, an air-gun, eight thermoplastic sheets, and more

Each item has been designed with the needs of both the therapist and the patient in mind, and they come in a selection of colours and sizes, too!

Why Choose BenePlas?

For starters, our splinting materials…

  • Come with 100% elastic memory – allowing repeated splint revision
  • Display excellent conformability and mouldability
  • Turn translucent when reaching activation temperature

In addition, our extensive range provides an array of thermoplastic splints and materials to fit your splinting needs – anything from splints that are stretch-resistant to splints that can drape to facilitate custom orthotic fabrication.