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Benecast Gold is the only Plaster of Paris to have been developed in the UK, with the feedback and trialling of clinicians as the key cornerstone of its development. BeneCast Gold Plaster of Paris BP bandages is a gypsum based material impregnated into woven bandages which can be used in the construction of external immobilisation appliances. BeneCast Gold is made from superior 100% cotton leno-weave gauze, bleach white cloth and the highest quality gypsum. According to the British Pharmacopoeia (BP) standards, this specially formulated gold standard of POP bandage can be used for many different applications, helping medical professionals provide the best patient treatment within plaster rooms, A&E, theatre departments and further afield.

  • Superior quality cotton bandage.

    Traditional rich & creamy texture.

    Fast setting.

    Durable with exceptional strength.

    Exceptionally smooth finish to the cast and enhanced appearance.

    Excellent moulding characteristics.

    Suitable for trauma/orthopaedics and specialist casting eg Talepes and DFU.

    Minimal plaster loss - will not clog water bucket.

    Good water absorption.

    Enables early b-valve & windowing.

  • Orthopaedic and trauma conditions.

    Fracture management.

    Soft tissue injuries.


  • NHS Code BeneCare Code Description Size (x2.7m) Qty
    EAA 517 POPG2 Plaster of Paris Rolls B.P. 5cm (2") Box of 24
    EAA 516 POPG3 Plaster of Paris Rolls B.P. 7.5cm (3") Box of 24
    EAA 515 POPG4 Plaster of Paris Rolls B.P. 10cm (4") Box of 12
    EAA 514 POPG6 Plaster of Paris Rolls B.P. 15cm (5") Box of 12
    EAA 513 POPG8 Plaster of Paris Rolls B.P. 20cm (6") Box of 12




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