B-Comfy Classic Shoe

Our B-Comfy range has been designed for use where normal footwear is not appropriate because of medical conditions such as diabetic foot ulcers, lymphoedema and oedematous legs. They are lightweight, offer excellent support... and are very, very comfortable!

The B-Comfy Shoe can be ordered as a single shoe or as a pair.

• Soft Comfy
• Heel Opening
• Removable Insole
• Forefoot Opening
• Supportive Durable Sole
• Hook & Loop Closure System


BeneFoot B-Comfy is available as shoe or a boot and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. 

The upper is made from a breathable soft material for comfort and support. The whole forefoot lifts away, in addition to the heel opening for easy access of both the boot and the shoe.

The sole of the shoe and boot has a durable nonslip sole. They also benefits from a removable insole that can be replaced for a bespoke insole if clinically required.

This lightweight comfy shoe or boot is designed for use where normal footwear is not appropriate e.g diabetic foot ulcers, lymphoedema, and oedematous legs. It will provide excellent support and comfort when mobilising.


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