BeneKidz High-Top Medical Shoe - Paediatric


The BeneFoot High Top Medical Shoe helps to increase patient safety and stability after post operative procedures as well as for any situation where swollen or bandaged feet make using normal shoes impractical including diabetic foot, swollen legs and ulcers. This High Top Medical Shoe is the older brother to the BeneFoot 'Original' and in addition to the 'Original', helps to helps to stabilise the ankle using its ingenious High Top design that eliminates heel slippage and forward foot movement and provides better ankle stability that can vastly increase comfort and care for the patient with limited stability and balance. The shoe has now been made available on the Drug Tariff at your local pharmacy. Being the only shoe available with a fully rigid 'real' sole and made using only the highest quality materials, the BeneFoot High Top Medical Shoe is more a standard everyday shoe then a medical appliance with patients able to carry on with normal day to day activities whilst receiving care. Every batch of shoes are rigorously tested for strength and quality and results indicate that they are twice as durable as standard measurements. Shoes are universal for both the left + right foot and all adult and paediatric sizes are available. Sold in singles.

    • High-Top design - Eliminates heel slippage and forward foot movement provides better ankle stability.

      Flared Black TPR Outsole - Provides better stability.

      Reinforced Heel Counter - For better Medial/Lateral stability.

      Black upper nylon mesh - Better aesthetics, looks more like a shoe.

      Quality construction - 100% Satisfaction guarantee.

      PolyPro shank built into outsole - Allows for better flexion control.

      Nylon Mesh Upper ends behind MTP joint - Eliminates Pressure and Compression on the toes.

    • Plantar wounds.

      For recovery after post-operative and tissue procedures. For use with any size leg cast.

      To accommodate large dressings or swellings.

      Management of diabetic foot.

      Any situation where size of foot prohibits normal footwear.


    • NHS Code BeneCare Code Description Size Colour Quantity
      ERP132 POHTPD High Top Medical Shoe Paediatric Black 1
      ERP137 POHTWS High Top Medical Shoe Womens Small (2.5 - 4.5) Black 1
      ERP138 POHTWM High Top Medical Shoe Womens Medium (5 - 6.5) Black 1
      ERP139 POHTWL High Top Medical Shoe Womens Large (7 - 8.5) Black 1
      ERP133 POHTMS High Top Medical Shoe Mens Small (5 - 7) Black 1
      ERP134 POHTMM High Top Medical Shoe Mens Medium (7.5 - 9) Black 1
      ERP135 POHTML High Top Medical Shoe Men's Large (9.5 - 11) Black 1
      ERP136 POHTMXL High Top Medical Shoe Mens X-Large (11.5 - 13) Black 1
Please Note: Medical Shoes are non-returnable and non-refundable on the grounds of hygiene
Benecare has a responsibility to maintain the highest level of hygiene for all of our products. For
this reason we are unable to except returns for medical shoes, these items are non-returnable and
non-refundable.If you have any questions with regards to our policy then please call 0161 273 1166.

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