BenePlas Pro-Plus Low Temp Thermoplastic Sheet

BenePlas Pro-Plus is made from a special formula that provides conformity with excellent mouldable and drape-ability due to its rubber characteristics. It is also extremely rigid when cooled and will not require any reinforcing. BenePlas Pro-Plus has a light tack when warm and will remain in place when moulding critical contours. It will self bond to itself when warm. Ideal for small hand splints, upper & lower extremity splints.

  • Minimum resistance to stretch.

    High conformability.

    Low control.

    High rigidity.

    Therapist can aggressively work the material.

    Colour = Oyster & Ivory

  • Medium and large splints.

    Base for dynamic outrigger splints.

    Fracture bracing.

    Knee splints for immobilisation.

    Ankle stirrup splints and foot drop splints

    Body jackets.

    Hand functional & wrist splints.

    Burn splints.

    "Serial" static splints.

    Spasticity splints.

  • NHS Code BeneCare Code Description Size Qty Colour
    FNS961 TP501 BenePlas Pro Plus™  Smooth 460x610x2.4mm 1 Sheet Oyster
    FNS962 TP502 BenePlas Pro Plus™  1% Perf 460x610x2.4mm 1 Sheet Oyster
    FNS963 TP505 BenePlas Pro Plus™  Smooth 460x610x3.2mm 1 Sheet Oyster
    FNS963 TP505X BenePlas Pro Plus™  Smooth 460x610x3.2mm 1 Sheet Oyster
    FNS964 TP506X BenePlas Pro Plus™  1% Perf 460x610x3.2mm 1 Sheet Oyster


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