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BeneCare Medical

Cotton Ribbed Stockinette

Cotton Ribbed Stockinette

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The BeneCare Cotton Ribbed Stockinette is an inexpensive and convenient form of covering and protection for the skin. Its heavier material makes it especially suitable for use as an undercast stockinette.

  • Protects skin from friction under synthetic and plaster casts.

    100% cotton fabric is comfortable on the patients skin.

    Knitted construction allows air to circulate, helping avoid maceration of protected areas.

    Protects bedding and clothing from ointments and creams.

    Different sizes available allow the product to be used on all parts of the body.

  • Used in conjunction with undercast padding for coverage and protection of the skin when casting tape is being applied.

    To hold dressings in place.

  • NHS Code BeneCare Code Description Size ( x 20m)
    SN1 Cotton Ribbed Stockinette 2.5cm
    EGJ 241 SN2 Cotton Ribbed Stockinette 5cm
    EGJ 242 SN3 Cotton Ribbed Stockinette 7.5cm
    EGJ 244 SN4 Cotton Ribbed Stockinette 10cm
    EGJ 245 SN6 Cotton Ribbed Stockinette 15cm
    EGJ 246 SN8 Cotton Ribbed Stockinette 20cm


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Anna-maria Zdanowicz
Great service

Fantastic service can’t thank enough.

Helena J
Soft, strong and stretchy - just what was needed

The stockinette comes in a neat box which makes it easy to dispense. It is easy to measure out the length you want and cut it, and the cut ends don't immediately unravel, which is very helpful. The fact that it is unelasticated is very helpful in situations where you want pure cotton wihtout any latex rubber elastication. It feels very soft against the skin and has a good amount of stretch in it, whilst holding its shape well. I use it in costume display in museums, for creating soft padded tubes to fit inside sleeves and trousers. It has a slightly antiseptic smell.
The order was neatly packd and arrived promptly.
Thank you

Faith Carter
Good quality

We use it for general first aid, and its really handy to have it in our kit at home

Hollie Howard
Excellent Value For Money

I recommend this product

Matthew Connor
All sorts of applications

We actually use in our workshop and its invaluable stuff