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Darco Peg Assist Insole

Darco Peg Assist Insole

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The Darco Peg-Assist Insole System is built around a multi-purpose removable peg insole that effectively off-loads the plantar aspect of the foot relieving the user from putting pressure on damaged area.

  • Easily removable pegs that off-load pressure from any area of the plantar surface of the foot, protecting patient from wounds and ulcerations.

    Pressure is reduced allowing enhanced patient mobility.

    The PAS comes with a self-adhesive Peg Support Board that keeps pegs from collapsing and the off-loaded area intact.

  • Available as an insole for most Darco orthopaedic footwear.

  • Small (5.5 - 7), Medium (8 - 9.5), Large (10 - 11.5)
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