Gold Therapy Package

The Gold Therapy Starter Pack is the ultimate therapy starter pack with everything you would ever need when starting or refurbishing your clinic making this the package for the complete therapist. Products included are a 9ltr Splint bath, Scissors, Air gun, Roller cutter, Hole punch, 8 thermoplastic sheets, a variety of Hook & Loop and a Neoprene Sheet. And get a further 15% discount off your second order of thermoplastics material!

  • Purchase all you need to start a clinic in one easy option.

    9ltr splint pan.

    Hot Air Gun.

    Fiskars Therapy Scissors.

    Rotary cutter.

    Draper's Revolving Punch.

    8 sheets of Thermoplastic *does not include Aqua Colours.

    Clear Adhesive Hook Tabs 50mm.

    White Adhesive Hook 50mm.

    White non-adhesive Loop 50mm.

    Neoprene Sheet 3.2mm.


  • Provides therapists with everything needed to start practicing thermoplastic therapy.

  • Video coming soon!
  • Sorry we don't currently have a leaflet for this product.

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