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Neo Thumb Wrist Support (CLOSED)

Neo Thumb Wrist Support (CLOSED)

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The Benecare Neoprene Wrist/Thumb Support has a closed thumb to ensure a firmly abducted position. The brace includes an aluminium thumb and palm stay to support the thumb MP joint and restricting movement at the CMC joint.

  • Wrap around thumb support.

    Made from neoprene for comfort.

    Wrist brace with palmar bar and thumb extension br which can be shaped to provide a more custom fit.

    Additional support to the first CMC and MCP joints.

    Removable stay can be shaped.

    Neoprene, 40 wash and air dry.

  • Healing fractures.

    Healing ligament injuries.

    Rheumatoid / Osteoarthritis.

  • NHS Code BeneCare Code Description Size Colour
    GMB222 NTWSC-XSL Wrist/Thumb Support (Closed) Left X-Small Beige
    GMB223 NTWSC-SL Wrist/Thumb Support (Closed) Left Small Beige
    GMB224 NTWSC-ML Wrist/Thumb Support (Closed) Left Medium Beige
    GMB225 NTWSC-LL Wrist/Thumb Support (Closed) Left Large Beige
    GMB226 NTWSC-XLL Wrist/Thumb Support (Closed) Left X-Large Beige
    GMB227 NTWSC-XSR Wrist/Thumb Support (Closed) Right X-Small Beige
    GMB229 NTWSC-SR Wrist/Thumb Support (Closed) Right Small Beige
    GMB230 NTWSC-MR Wrist/Thumb Support (Closed) Right Medium Beige
    GMB231 NTWSC-LR Wrist/Thumb Support (Closed) Right Large Beige
    GMB242 NTWSC-XLR Wrist/Thumb Support (Closed) Right X-Large Beige
    NHS Code BeneCare Code Description Size Colour
    GRZ1859 BNTWSC-XSL Wrist/Thumb Support (Closed) Left X-Small Black
    GRZ1855 BNTWSC-SL Wrist/Thumb Support (Closed) Left Small Black
    GRZ1853 BNTWSC-ML Wrist/Thumb Support (Closed) Left Medium Black
    GRZ1851 BNTWSC-LL Wrist/Thumb Support (Closed) Left Large Black
    GRZ1857 BNTWSC-XLL Wrist/Thumb Support (Closed) Left X-Large Black
    GRZ1860 BNTWSC-XSR Wrist/Thumb Support (Closed) Right X-Small Black
    GRZ1856 BNTWSC-SR Wrist/Thumb Support (Closed) Right Small Black
    GRZ1854 BNTWSC-MR Wrist/Thumb Support (Closed) Right Medium Black
    GRZ1852 BNTWSC-LR Wrist/Thumb Support (Closed) Right Large Black
    GRZ1858 BNTWSC-XLR Wrist/Thumb Support (Closed) Right X-Large Black


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Janet C.

Thank you for contacting me. My hospital gave me a left hand support following surgery to my thumb. We had to cut into the thumb top because it cut off blood supply, I ordered a support for my right hand because surgery has now been cancelled. I ordered a Med (1st one was small) size hoping it would not have the same problem. But again it is far too tight and cuts of blood supply to my thumb. Perhaps you could look into this

Alex Howarth
comfortable effective support

I suffer with osteoarthritis and this support has really helped

Brandon Hall
Soft and super-comfortable

my rheumatoid arthritis causes my wrists to be very painful, this brace is a godsend