Non Woven Swabs - (200 Swabs)

BeneCare Medical's Non Woven Swabs are made from top grade aperture fabrics. They have a standard 70% Viscose - 30% Polyester fibre mix, with a 30gsm weight. These swabs provide improved strength, absorbency, and scrubbing texture compared to traditional cotton gauze swabs. BeneCare Non Woven Swabs are 10x10cm and come in packs of 100. (2 packs of 100 Swabs)

  • Higher absorbency tan 12-ply cotton gauze swabs.Less linting than traditional gauze.

    Holds its shape and texture better than cotton gauze swabs.

    Reduces snagging on structures and provides excellent wound release.

    Versatile use, cleans, absorbes and wicks.

    Conforms to Drug Tariff Specification 28.

  • Clean and cover minor wound.

    Absorb secretion.

    Treat secondary healing wounds.

  • BeneCare Code Size Qty

    NWS10 10x10cm 200







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