BeneCast Select (Polyester) Casting Tape (For Pets, Vets & Horses) (Single Roll)

BeneCast Select Casting Tape is used for rigid primary and secondary casting applications where patient fit, comfort, breathability and compliance are critical. Our Polyester casting material combines strength and rigidity with soft edges for patient comfort. BeneCast Polyester provides a lightweight and breathable cast which easily applies & conforms to body contours without folding or tucking for easier cast application and increased patient comfort. BeneCast Select is available in 7 colours and up to 5 different sizes.

BeneCast Select is available in 7 colours and up to 5 different sizes. Now available to buy as a single roll.

We manufacture and supply casting materials to the veterinary and equine market here in the UK and overseas.  Our casting tape is used to bandage damaged or degraded hooves and to help mend animal breakages and fractures.

Our range includes our Benecast Select, Advanced, Fibreglass and Flex casting tapes and we also supply plaster of paris, swabs, bandages, tapes, splinting accessories and thermoplastics.


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