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BeneCast Flex (Semi Rigid) Casting Tape (For Pets, Vets & Horses)

BeneCast Flex (Semi Rigid) Casting Tape (For Pets, Vets & Horses)

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BeneFlex Semi Rigid Casting Tape remains resilient, even in its cured state. It provides a semi-rigid support of the limb, while allowing some degree of joint movement. It will revert to its cured shape after deformation. Made from multi-directional stretch bandage that conforms to the body contours without folds or tucks. It enables easy application with soft, smooth edges for patient comfort. BeneFlex Semi Rigid is easy to unroll and apply, with tack free additives to increase clinicians control and reduce application time.

BeneFlex Semi Rigid is available in 6 colours and up to 3 different sizes. Now available to buy as a single roll.

We manufacture and supply casting materials to the veterinary and equine market here in the UK and overseas.  Our casting tape is used to bandage damaged or degraded hooves and to help mend animal breakages and fractures.

The porosity and moisture resistant properties of BeneFlex Semi Rigid allow casts to 'breathe' and 'dry-out' easily, which decreases body odours and skin maceration under the cast.

Easy Removal: BeneFlex Semi Rigid is easily removed by simply unwrapping the material or cutting the cast with a pair of bandage scissors.

Our range includes our Benecast SelectAdvancedFibreglass and Flex casting tapes and we also supply plaster of parisswabsbandagestapessplinting accessories and thermoplastics.

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