Benecare Foot Drop Splint

The Foot Drop Splint, also known as the Swedish AFO. Comfortable, low profile prefabricated leaf spring design to correct flaccid foot drop, especially on post-stroke patients. Injection moulded polypropylene allows for different thicknesses throughout the orthosis, thicker on the vertical aspect for rigidity, thinner footplate for ease of trimming, comfort and flexibility.

  • Injection-moulded for a high quality finish.

    Easily trimmed footplate may be heat modified for minor fitting adjustments.

  • Drop foot.

    Mild drop foot secondary to other neurological pathologies.

  • NHS Code BeneCare Code Size UK EU
    GRD1327 SAFORS Small Right 1-3.5 33-36
    GRD1328 SAFORM Medium Right 4-7 37-40
    GRD1329 SAFORL Large Right 7.5-9.5 41-44
    GRD1330 SAFORXL X-Large Right 10-14 45-48
    GRD1323 SAFOLS Small Left 1-3.5 33-36
    GRD1324 SAFOLM Medium Left 4-7 37-40
    GRD1325 SAFOLL Large Left 7.5-9.5 41-44
    GRD1326 SAFOLXL X-Large Left 10-14 45-48


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