Tri Panel Knee Splint

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The BeneCare Tri Panel Knee Splint is the choice product for the NHS for immobilising the knee joint and reducing the pain caused by soft tissue injuries. Its 3 panel system allows the splint to be adjusted and a perfect fit to be achieved whilst the contoured posterior stay and sturdy bilateral stays immobilise the leg at 0å¡åÊ- 20å¡. Available in 7 distinct sizes and includes a Hook & Loop system for ease of use. Indications for use include; Post-operative immobilisation, Pre-operative immobilisation due to pain, Patella dislocation, Conservative treatment of ligament injury and Acute anterior knee pain.

  • Removable medial, lateral and posterior stays.

    Comfortable, washable, skin-friendly terry toweling cloth material.

    Hook & Loop straps with loop closures for simple fitting.

    Polycentric hinge design to fit actual movement of human knee.

    Three piece design for precise fit.

  • Post-operative immobilisation.

    Pre-operative immobilisation.

    Patella dislocation.

    Conservative treatment of ligament injuries.

    Acute anterior knee pain.

  • NHS Code BeneCare Code Description SizeåÊ Length (inches)
    GRA514 TPKS10 Tri-Panel Knee Splint XX-Small 10" (25.5cm)
    GRA515 TPKS12 Tri-Panel Knee Splint X-Small 12" (30.5cm)
    GRA516 TPKS14 Tri-Panel Knee Splint Small 14" (36cm)
    GRS176 TPKS16 Tri-Panel Knee Splint Medium 16" (41cm)
    GRA517 TPKS18 Tri-Panel Knee Splint Large 18" (51cm)
    GRS177 TPKS20 Tri-Panel Knee Splint X-Large 20" (51cm)
    GRA518 TPKS22 Tri-Panel Knee Splint XX-Large 22"(56cm)
    GRS178 TPKS24 Tri-Panel Knee Splint XXX-Large 24" (61cm)
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