VK Knee Brace

The longer 41cm BeneCare VK Knee Brace has metal hyper stop hinges which provide medial and lateral support for unstable knees, whilst allowing flexion. The internal access to the hinge allows for easy removal of the hinge for laundering. With a front opening design and with easy-opening tab straps, make the VK Knee Brace suitable for the arthritic or elderly patient, who may suffer from limited dexterity. Now available in Black and Beige.

  • Extended version of the NeoWrap SK Brace to provide additional stability.

    Front opening.

    Universal left & right.

    Contrasting proximal & distal strap to counter rotation.

    Open popliteal area for added comfort during flexion.

    Removable hyper stop hinges.

    Easy grip stabs for patients with poor dexterity.

    Fully adjustable front & rear straps.

  • Increasing medial / lateral support.

    Rheumatoid arthritis.

    Mild to moderate hyperextension.

    Mild to moderate valgus / varus deformity.

  • NHS Code BeneCare Code Description Size Colour
    GRA512 LSKKBXS Knee Support - Long X-Small Beige
    GRA210 LSKKBS Knee Support - Long Small Beige
    GRA509 LSKKBM Knee Support - Long Medium Beige
    GRA508 LSKKBL Knee Support - Long Large Beige
    GRA511 LSKKBXL Knee Support - Long X-Large Beige
    GRA513 LSKKBXXL Knee Support - Long XX-Large Beige
    GRA506 BLSKKBXS Knee Support - Long X-Small Black
    GRA500 BLSKKBS Knee Support - Long Small Black
    GRA501 BLSKKBM Knee Support - Long Medium Black
    GRA502 BLSKKBL Knee Support - Long Large Black
    GRA505 BLSKKBXL Knee Support - Long X-Large Black
    GRA507 BLSKKBXXL Knee Support - Long XX-Large Black
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