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BeneCare Medical

Water Repellent Stockinette

Water Repellent Stockinette

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BeneCare Direct's Water Repellent Undercast Tubular Bandage can be used under BeneCare Casting tapes, Splints and by itself as a bandage. Manufactured using a woven Polyester FTY (False Twist Yarn) and circular weave, the tubular bandage is irritation free, and comfortable to the touch.Its dynamic water-repellent skin protection pad provides a buffer to protect the skin from the splint or tape, whilst facilitating an advanced drying technique through smooth ventilation, and at the same time draining any excess moisture away. BeneCare's Undercast Stockinette can also protect sores on protected areas by eliminating moisture or dispelling an offensive odor by bacillus increase due to its pro-active drainage and water-repellent functions.

  • Irritation Free BeneCare's Water Repellent Undercast Stockinette can help solve the environmental pollution and medical waste disposal problem due to it being 100% polyester fabric, thus being able to be incinerated. It is also treated by a water repellence of a high polymer fluorine type, thus giving no skin irritation at all. All of which has been approved through the test of Skin Irritation (ISO 10993-10:2002[E]) by the Korea Testing and Research Institute.
  • Comfortable to Use BeneCare Direct's Undercast Stockinette does not need additional cotton bandage and there is no discomfort to the patient whatsoever if double folded under a cast.
  • Available in 5cm or 10cm
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